Reading Blitz

Been picking up the slack these last few months.

Stuart Diamond: Getting More

The catalyst for picking up this book at B&N is fairly ridiculous now that I look back at it. Whatever the initial reason, this was a great course in negotiation. Taught by Stuart Diamond, a professor of negotiations at Wharton Business School, this really did make me feel like B-school would be pretty awesome. Proven tactics that were used in various real life scenarios like television’s write strike…it seems unlike the other books out there (to be fair, I haven’t ready any others). Not like “Getting to Yes” or “Win-Win” situations, this book’s all about relationships. How to develop them, how to cultivate them, and how to negotiate in the context of relationships. Useful for parent-child negotiations, business, relationships…put this mind set to use and it’s already paying dividends. (plus, i like the feeling of paying ~$20 for a $$$$ business school class)

Christopher Yuan: Out of a Far Country

Very enlightening and humbling as Christopher Yuan and family tackle an increasingly relevant topic that we’ll all inevitably face. Bought his book after hearing him and his parents speak and an amazingly easy read.┬áThis story is anything but a typical testimony. Easy read!

Jim Cymbala: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

While at home for a weekend of weddings, I skimmed my dad’s bookshelf for a good read. Hoping to glean his mind, I noticed one. I still vividly recall a video of Jim Cymbala’s I saw years ago. Powerful video. My House Shall Be Called A House of Prayer. I tore through this book in a few days, eating up every chapter. If you want to see proof of a living and powerful God…I suggest you visit Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. It’d definitely be tops on my list of things to do in NY if I get the chance to go some time. But if you’re not headed there any time soon, this is a must read for anyone wondering why churches are losing the battle and why millennials are leaving the church.

next on the queue: BLINK


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