HK: The layover

What to do in the city for <48 hours. night shots, temple street, vic peak, LKF, Lantau? possibilities abound.

Visit Grandma (Ma Ma) and catch up over tea: priorities.

WP_000749 (1)

Visit Grandma (Po Po) at the old Choi Hung stomping grounds.
Drink some awesome home-made soup. Try to catch up. Forced to take a nap. Get called a liar! (that’s why you don’t get a picture Po Po). long story.


Crash cousin’s husbands birthday feast
course 4-7 of…9? (

WP_000754 (1)

sleep. church. dim sum

WP_000756 (1)

smash birdies

hot pot!

IMG_9527 IMG_9528

dessert: east meets west (dark chocolate. shaved snow on mango sago pomelo. don’t get better than that)IMG_9535 IMG_9539 IMG_9540

ditch the relatives: it’s quality time with my city! stroll the night markets

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Get a HK-do: because…why not.


Pack, sleep, enjoy last meal: fish balls noodle soup at the airport.

WP_000758 (1)

fly. sleep. until next time.

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