1. Yo, Lawrence!
    Have fun on your vacation! Be safe, brother.
    Oh, and don’t forget to snap a few PANORAMIC SHOTS of the CITY’S SKYLINE! Otherwise, how are you going to create that awesome PHOTO MURAL that you’ve been thinking about? 😉

  2. Hey Law, nice pics! What kinda lens and camera are you shooting with? Trying to decide what set of lenses I need to stock myself with.

    Singapore is on the bucketlist.. Have a fun vacay!

    • Hey Norm!

      I really like my Tokina 17-55mm 2.8. It’s a great all purpose lens but it’s only for crop sensor cameras. I shoot mostly video and I like that zooming in and out with a constant aperature is just one less thing to worry about settings wise. At 17mm you get the wide shots you need when you travel and 55 lets you do your portrait shots with people.

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