“We need more dads like you”


Hey Mister,

I didn’t catch your name but I got this picture of your son in the front row at the concert you attended a few weeks back. I noticed you and your son earlier that day when you came during sound check and noticed how excited he was to meet Jason.

Later when I spoke to you, you mentioned that your son was a super fan of Music Never Sleeps. When a tour was announced he was so ecstatic and asked to buy the backstage passes to this concert. They sold out quickly and he was so bummed. Little did he know that you bought the VIP package that would allow him to meet his idol, stand front row during the concert, and get a fist bump as J went on set.

Now I don’t know much about your relationship with your kid but you beamed with pride when you told me that story.

I’m guessing this isn’t your music genre. This probably isn’t your scene, and this concert is probably not on the list of things you’d check out during you had free time. Yet you sat there with him for more than 6 hours all Thursday evening; throughout the sound check, concert, and meet & greet afterwards.

You listened to the music your son loves. You learned what gets him excited and passionate. Most importantly, you gave him your time as you tried to understand him.

We need more dads like you.

I hope your kid realizes how fortunate he is. I hope more guys grow up to become dads like you because the world needs them.



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