Father Joe’s 5K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Got to run a 5K early thanksgiving morning with Jim Y and his coworkers. His company was a sponsor for the run and covered fees for employees and family. I got to pretend to be Jim’s brother today! Fun run, first real event with timers and everything. Ran with Jim and his coworker for the first half and decided to push the last second half to get a good exercise in.

There were so many people! I was expecting this to be a small event since I’d never heard of it before…nooope. 15,000 runners, joggers, walkers. Amazing. It definitely made the first part of the run really difficult being stuck behind strollers and walkers. We should have started towards the first part but we got there slightly late and the bridge was packed! Sometimes I’d find somebody who would be running and start following them as they weaved between people. Then all of a sudden they’d stop and start walking! Definitely crashed into a fair share of people like that.

All good though. Fun run that went towards a good cause. Preemptively tackled those calories that would come later tonight.

father_joes_5k_collage_1 father_joes_5k_ 4 collage_2father_joes_5k_ 3 father_joes_5k_ 1

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