10th annual CEC Harvest Festival

10 years seems like a long time.

In 2003 the first annual CEC harvest festival was born out of a desire to reach and serve the Linda Vista community.  10 years later we are making headway. We’ve come a long ways from just commuting in on Fridays/Sundays and leaving afterwards.

But we can be more.

Who will lead us?


  1. I love that we’ve finally tipped the scales to more community attending than cec!!! 🙂 We got home by 6:45 fro cec/set-up for the little one’s bedtime and i told Clariss that this was the first time in over a decade that I’ve been home for halloween rather than at Harvest Festival.

      • i was thinking (during the 30minutes that i was actually at HF), that the cec congregation is actually the ones who need to see the result of HF. it’s good to thank the helpers and those involved, of course, but it’s the church as a whole (ahem.. and people who do not get involved) who are the ones who really need to see how the community is blessed (and what a big deal it really is!) so that maybe it will fuel their hearts to help in future years. I think the reason the same ppl keep on doing it each year is cuz they see how it grows and the payoff, you know? I dunno, just my thoughts.. you would agree, yea? 🙂 i hope the pastors say yes

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