San Diego Comic Con: Walking Dead Experience

Couples that survive zombie apocalypses together stay together…or something like that. J and K are getting married this coming weekend and to prepare for all that craziness they did the “Walking Dead Experience” with a few friends. It’s essentially a zombie run through a deserted Petco Park (home to the SD Padres). The course covers 1.5 miles, there are huge portions of straight up sprinting for you life, dodging zombies, clearing obstacles…this was no joke, real blood was spilt! It took them ~35 mins to finish.

At the end of the course is an inspection zone; all survivors are screened and any that infected (touched by zombies) are quarantined and dealt with.

Their experience was recorded on a GoPro and I edited it down to a 8 min exhilarating ride. Didn’t ask permission from J yet actually, so I might take this down later. In the mean time. Enjoy!


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