Daughter Project 5K run: Mission Bay


Mission Beach 5K run

Distance: 3.1 miles

Organization: Daughter Project

A sample of the things I learned from V.Hui, studying performance physiology, this morning…

  1. Jam serves the same purpose as GU. Sugar energy…fast.
  2. It’s better to warm up by running a mile than stretching before a workout. Something about compliance and non-compliance.
  3. water + baking powder (in trace amounts of some quantity i forgot) transports lactic acid to type 1 muscles which break down lactic acid better than type 2 muscles.
  4. type 2 muscles = fast twitch muscles
  5. spoonful of pickle juice > bottle of powerade

There was much more. I forgot.


許’s: K.Hsu, N.Hui, V.Hui, L.Hui

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