Austin L: Resonating in East Asia

A few friends are heading out this morning to China to see God’s heart for Asia. Check out Austin’s video and keep him and his team in your prayers!


For this video, I tried to emulate a guy whose work I really really admire. He’s stationed out in Dubai (recently it looks like he’s in Australia) and the stuff he does for his church is stunning. I took the idea off one of his church news video spots and tried to recreate a similar feel.

The artist’s name is Salomon Ligthelm and his work speaks for itself. The techniques, the color gradients, so beautiful…yet I don’t recall him mentioning formal schooling or training. His blog has references to him having to render on crummy laptops and wait over night before making a quick edit and rending for another 6-7 hours. Then uploading his final work over cafe wifi cause he doesn’t have internet at home. So inspiring!

Check out a clip of his…I won’t feel bad if you never want to watch my stuff again.


  1. very nice. go project resonate and go austin!! ::requesting more of this kind of material if possible::

    this salomon dude is mad hardcore, you sure you want to put your work right next to his?!?! im only kidding, good job on the video.

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