LA Eats: Blockhead Shavery

11311 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Neighborhood: West Los Angeles
(310) 445-8725

Shaved snow has migrated westward, and this place hits the spot for anyone not located in the asia heartland of Arcadia/San Gabriel/Monterey Park. When originally planning this year’s itinerary, this was secretly the cornerstone of the trip.

At $3.50 a medium and $5.00 for a large this place is a really sweet deal. It’s a tiny place near the 405 that can probably sit at most 20 people.They differentiate themselves from Class 302 in a few ways, all which make this place slightly better.  The wait at Class 302 can be horrendous and they don’t let you take out, but here you pop in and pop out with your shaved snow to go in less than 5 minutes.

The menu is basic and flexible, C.Yung later told us that the spot in between Original and Green Tea was Taro! But it looks like they’re thinking of phasing it out.

The main point that I enjoyed was that this place does not drench their snow with condensed milk or syrup. The sweetness comes from the ingredients. Our group had quite varied tastes so we ordered everything but the original. The green tea was a delight and the black sesame is true to it’s flavor. These don’t taste like they’re made from powder or concentrate, they taste really fresh! For people who really like the distinct flavor of green tea and black sesame, these two flavors will be your solid winners. For me, strawberry really stood out.

That was an amazing treat. Next time I’m in the area, this is definitely worth repeating.

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