Air Alert: The Responses

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 4.33.54 AM

The other day I responded to C.Yih’s 20 step box jump challenge with a 22 step box jump of my own. I upped the previous challenge by 2 steps thinking it’d be enough to settle the dispute for a while.

The response came back swiftly and en masse. Screenshots below…

D.Tong: 22 step box jump

C.Yih aka Staked: 22 step box jump

M.Lau: 24 step box jump!

24 steps * 2 in/ step + 4 in. platform = 52 inches


  1. Risers-against-the-wall setup isn’t just for “safety.” It also allows you to be successful in a less controlled jump. New challenge. Build the step box jump into the true challenge rather than just jumping on a simulated 52″ ledge.

    All that said — yeah, impressive. I’m not trying to challenge you guys. 😛

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