Air Alert: 6 months later

This is so stupid. We’re not even really testing verticals anymore, this is just macho bravado in its dumbest form. One of us will eventually get hurt…most definitely me.

3 months ago, 19 steps:

C.Yih’s response: a clean 20 step box jump:

I’m trying to end this madness.


  1. O_O oh my goodness… please be careful! i thought you were going to fall in the second one and hurt yourself so i got REALLY scared watching it!

    • the guy in the 2nd video told me to! Granted, he did it a lot cleaner and jumped on top of the stack…rather than me jumping into the stack. I thought it’d be safer…no.

    • it is safer! cuz that way if you miss, you can kick off the platforms and they will stop against the wall. If there was no wall, you would jump short, kick against no resistance and fall on top of the tumbled platforms. that’d be bad. safety first!

    • I was thinking the same. Propping against mirror?! (Is staked^ Charlton?) You could kick off the platforms which would be safer than nothing…or hey – you could over jump and go bend head first in the mirror. NOT safe. (I always see big cracks in those mirrors. Probably from antics like this.) How about finding a wall if you must have a stop?

      Anyway, with that said, I’m excited to see each challenger get 1-upped. 😀 Up next, distance jump? You can only go so high…how laying them on the ground?

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