LA Eats: Saturday Recap

I hate it when there’s a TV on at meal time. 

Growing up, my dad had a refined taste for food and my mom was masterful in the kitchen so I grew up fully aware what good food tastes and looks like. But despite the wonderful food I’ve grown up eating, dinner at home was always about the conversations and company of those around the table. There’s an intimacy when sharing a meal together, a time where thoughts and ideas are free to be exchanged, a time where jokes are dished and enjoyed, stories are shared, and memories made.

LA eats this year went back to the root of what I enjoy most…dining and chilling with good people. It helps that LA has such a varied landscape of cultures that I can indulge in bizarre cravings once in a while, but the real fun is seeing old friends while sharing a meal.

I was really glad my housemates were able to come out this year and an old childhood friend (B.Cheng) also came out. It ended up being a pretty sweet weekend of food, hanging out, and enjoying the city (and all it’s traffic).

Pre-Saturday (Friday Night): El Taurino, Downtown LA

Saturday Morning: Doe Jon Station, Arcadia

doe jon station_2

11am: The Annenberg Space for Photography, Downtown LA

1:00pm: Umami Burger, Santa Monica


A few notes about Umami in Santa Monica. It’s connected to a clothing store named Fred Segal so it’s actually really confusing. They have no sign because well, c’mon…you should know the symbol. duh. It’s a sit down restaurant and on weekends you will be waiting for quite a bit. That said, the burgers are amazing. We all ended up sharing umami burgers and the truffle burgers. Oh freak, the truffle burger was awesome. Yao got a truffle poutine special and that looked mouth watering good.

Between Umami and Father’s Office…i think the heirarchy goes Umami Burger < Father’s Office Burger < Truffle Burger (@Umami’s)! The one caveat is that you will be full after a F.O burger with fries, here at Umami’s you’d be full after 2 burgers but you’d also walk home with a much much lighter wallet.

2:00pm: 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica

santa monica 3rd street promenade

3:30pm: Blockhead Shavery

{review coming soon}

7:00pm: Tasty Garden, Alhambra

9:30pm: Desert & Boba @ Phoenix Cafe, Arcadia

11:50pm: Donut Man, Glendora


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