Revenge best served…with cream

revenge_1 revenge_2

The Context:

In 2004, my sophomore year, my small group coleader T.Hong convinced some upperclassmen that it would be a good idea to prank an young’n on his birthday. As described in my earlier post, he had a strange ability to convince others to do what he wanted. If everything went according to his plans, he could maintain credible deniability. Unfortunately, he didn’t account for the camera catching him passing off the cream pies red-handed.

I waited 8 years. 8 years worth of birthdays, graduations, and other big events that I steadfastly passed up the opportunity to get even. Only one night would be momentous enough for me to strike back.

Sweet revenge takes patience. When planned meticulously and executed flawlessly, the reward is refreshingly unparalleled.

The Result:

s2_wong&hong_ 1 s2_wong&hong_ 2 s2_wong&hong_ s2_wong&hong_ 3

” Do not f… with us” -Tyler Durden


  1. Look at that evil grin on Susan’s face. haha. Probably didn’t take much convincing to get her involved. No wonder she picked up the name “Troublemaker”. 🙂

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