Tim & Chris: Wedding Reception Video & toast

Tim & Chris,

Back when I was a freshman in college, for some reason, I thought college was something like prison. So I started recruiting some guys to roll with. Now every gang needs a braniac and a big, brawny, oaf to supply the muscles…and well, that’s how Tim & I…you know, started our friendship.

I’ve known Tim for a few years now, and we were sort of like partners in crime. For some reason trouble would find us where ever we went. Don’t know why.

One of the things that I’ve come to notice about Tim is his ability to convince people to do what he wanted.

snake path bonding

He once convinced 15 guys to walk blind folded down a crooked hill without any visual aids. While they were stumbling and face planting, tripping over bushes and branches, Tim stood to the side with his camera and was laughing his head off.

He once convinced those same 15 guys to break into his own church. If any of you at CEC wonder why we have such a strict key holder’s policy and lock up procedure…yeah. he’s the reason.

He was so persuasive that he was able to convince a guy that standing in the middle of campus, half naked, on a cross, in the middle of winter was a good idea. He called it a “passion play”. all the while he’s in a sweater and i think a beanie.

When the guy who played Christ asked if he could wear shorts underneath the tunic, Tim responded “mmm nah…we’re going for realism”

To which I responded, “dude when a chinese guy is playing a middle eastern Jesus, I don’t think realism is what we’re going for.”

Oh man and you know what, somehow…somehow, he convinced his now wife to have their honeymoon in Florida at Disneyworld. Now you might be thinking “well yah, girls love Disney”.

One time during winter break in college, this was before Chris now…i was chatting with Tim and was saying something like “man, i can’t wait for the NBA double header tomorrow it’s going to be so awesome blah blah blah” and Tim goes…i kid you not “dude yah. oh man, hold that thought. I gotta go. Mulan 2’s coming on.” and then he hung up. So I’m willing to bet anything Disneyworld was not Chris’ idea.

But joking aside Tim has had a profound impact on many guys here and I think if you look around you’d find all the guys in LIFE are nodding their heads in agreement. He had an ability to connect and speak into people’s lives and genuinely care.

In the last few years it seems like trouble’s found Tim less and less. It is a bit strange that it coincides with us hanging out less. In that time he found Chris and he seems to have gone on the straight and narrow.

Thinking back, I noticed that whenever Tim and I went off to pull a prank or go on one of our troublesome adventures, Tim would be incredibly jittery. He’d always have hesitation heading into it. But about marriage…as Tim stands on the precipice before plunging into this adventure with you (Chris), he’s strangely calm and collected and it’s because he’s found a partner for life. One that he can fully trust and rely on.

There’ll be times when things get rough and I just want to remind you guys that the main thing is the to keep the main thing the main thing.

There’ll be times when struggles seem so high you can’t get over it, so wide you can’t get around it, so deep you can’t get under it. But know that besides you is a bride strong enough to carry you on her back and a heavenly Father who will never forsake you.

God bless.

To Tim & Chris. We wish you the best.


    • i agree! if i may, i want to say this is beautiful! no words, and the video collaborated with simply2, hmmm, wow, nicely done! heart and soul, heart and soul. felt i was right there with you all.

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