Diane & Robert

Ceremony: Britt Scrips Inn

Reception: Maritime Museum, San Diego

Photographer: Jason Lee

It’s pretty darn exciting to shoot a wedding! Diane took a risk by giving me a chance to capture their wedding day and I hope it has paid off! I got spoiled in my first time shooting cause Robert & Diane were so encouraging throughout the day.  A wedding photographer herself (dianehuphotography), everything was set up for us to succeed. The venues, the pieces, the schedule…everything was incredibly beautiful and flowed so easily, making capturing the day’s events significantly easier.

Big thanks to Jason Lee who was the photographer and let me pretty much shadow him all day when I had no idea how to frame a shot. Thanks to Jessalyn for being an awesome assistant and C.Changchien for lending me his equipment.


  1. i will have to ask you for pricing soon to refer you to my brides in the future 😛 if you are continuing upon this wedding videography, that is!! 🙂

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