Candy Cane Lane: Poway Edition

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Candy Cane Lane [Poway]: Hickory Court, Hickory Street – off Twin Peaks Road and Silverset St, Dec. 3 through Jan.1, 6 to 9 pm.

After hearing some pretty positive reviews from people who have been before, I decided to check out Poway’s Candy Cane Lane with anybody who wanted to come along.

Had a pretty good turn out. I took a few more pictures but I really I don’t want to ruin the experience for you all. For me there’s always a sense of wonder when I see lights, music, and smiles. All we’re missing is some snow! But I guess I should beware for what I wish for.

There is a crowd here on Saturday but it’s not too bad when you walk the streets. I must admit there wasn’t quite one house that really stood out but the sheer number of houses that decorate and go beyond the normal call of duty is really awesome! A highly recommended spot to check out these next few weeks!

We decided to emulate a tradition we heard some of our Poway resident friends doing and headed over to Denny’s to cap off the night. Well, unfortunately that’s the last of xmas light decorations I’ll be able to enjoy this year. So until next year….enjoy!

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