Air Alert: Week 6 Update

standing reach = ~ 90.25 inches.
jumping reach = 119 inches.
vertical = ~29 inches.

3 more weeks and only 0.5 inches in improvement?! Time to step it up! No more horse play.

I figure if I want to dunk cleanly I’ll need to hit 10’10” (130inches). only 11 inches to go. On the other hand, observing a noticeable spring in my first step again so that’s been helpful while playing basketball.

C.Yih recommended the following videos for stretching and I like them, as I think they’ll offset some of the muscle, skeletal, and lumbar stress I’m experiencing. Thanks C!


  1. to Law’s millions of fans reading this. If you do go to mobilitywod, i’d recommend checking the archives and starting with the first videos. Watching just the recent videos will only leave you confused, think he is insane, and possibly even hurting yourself. So start from the beginning, or you can try searching for specific terms to find relevant videos. just a tip.

    • ha! more accurately…”to my 15 or so readers” but thanks for the compliment and the tip! i was definitely a bit overwhelmed with information by jumping into videos ~200/365 without starting from vid 1.

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