Move over Biogen Idec, here comes Illumina!


We’re moving! New buildings, new desks, new cafe, smaller gym (to be remedied) by the end of the year. Fun times.

Softball ILMN season ended a little quietly, a few weeks ago. Our team did pretty well and definitely peaked at the right time, winning our first preseason game against Sekisui Diagnostics.
Last year I learned how to play right field, and this year they had me playing left field, center field, and short stop at different times. Lowlight of the season was hitting my own pitcher twice in one game. He promptly quit pitching and my punishment was pitching for the rest of the season. I tell ya, pitching to people who hit right up the middle is a pretty frightening thing!

Unfortunately we ran into a superior fellow illumina team the next week. They ended up winning it all, beating fellow rivals Trilink and Quidel. Working with young and extremely athletic coworkers is a nice hidden bonus. Keeps the pounds off I guess.

Been starting¬†air alert¬†again. one of my coworkers has been doing Spartacus workouts for the past few months and gained enough inches to dunk quite comfortably now. Granted he’s ~6’4″-6’6″ but still, got me itching to get back into it. Will post updates on how that progresses.

Move over Biogen Idec, here comes Illumina! Move over Biogen Idec, here comes Illumina!

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