San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night

San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night

Thought this year would be another year I’d miss the Comic Con show as it rolled into town. Not so! A last minute hook up (literally at 4:50pm) with a co-worker had me strolling in SD’s convention center and taking in the sights…and boy, it was sensory overload. I guess preview night is shorter than the other days but everything was going full throttle! 

There was so much going on. On one hand it’s a lot bigger than i could have imagined but on the other hand, it was a lot smaller than I thought. I always assumed the panels were conducted in separate conference rooms. Maybe they are but it didn’t look like it. Looked like everything happened on the floor. Crazy costumes already on preview night, so I can’t imagine what people will come up with in the next few days.

unfortunately because i found out so last minute I didn’t get a chance to check out my favorite web comic writer’s booths! the program was pretty difficult to navigate and I wasn’t too sure what companies the web comics were a part of so oh wells. In case you were wondering, favorite web comics include: control alt del, least i could do, questionable content, girls with slingshots, phD, doghouse diaries, saturday morning breakfast cereal comics…at least for my regular rotation.

Before I knew it, it was over…but whew what an experience and what a spontaneous change of events!

**edit: they DO use conference halls for specific panels. i was wondering where they’d shove the hoards of teens lining up for the twilight panel!
San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night


  1. the flaming c! dudeeee i wanna go.haha, at first i thought the lanyards were customized to say people's names… cuz dexter's said dexter. i was like, wow isn't that a bit much to do. but then i saw your other picture.

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