LA Eats 2011: Father’s Office

LA Eats 2011: Father's Office

1:00 PM
Gluttons? yes. Round 2 Lunch. Eat!

There’s something about this place that makes people salivate as soon as you bring up Father’s Office. Don’t know when it started and up until today, didn’t know why. 

Not far from Langers but in an entirely different neighborhood altogether, Father’s Office is in quite a nice area called Culver City. I thought it was downtown. nope. 

A bouncer checks ID’s at the door (you have to be 21+ to enter) and all waiters have the restaurant’s initials on their shirts with a big bold…F.O. I can’t help but think the bartender’s telling me F*** Off. I order at the bar and take a seat wherever there’s a spot. At 1 pm it isn’t too crowded, parking and seating isn’t an issue.

The menu is as limited as their beer selection is expansive. Every where I turn I see people eating the same thing. The Office Burger. This place doesn’t seem to customize the burger toppings for anyone. It comes prepared one way, and apparently it’s a way everyone here loves. We get ours medium rare.

There’s a caveat with this post. My friends have made some bomb burgers over the years. I’ve yet to eat a restaurant burger that comes remotely close to a home made bacon infused beef patty burger fresh off the grill. So that being said I went in with an open mind but skeptical that it’d live up to its hype. Keep in mind we just had a pastrami sandwich less than 90 minutes ago and that was fresh on our minds and palates.

It was…pretty good. Caramelized onion with bacon on a patty, various types of cheese, and leafy greens on a mini baguette. The bread comes a bit greaser than I’d expect (the bun glistens in the photo below). It’s better than any burger in recent memory than I’ve had in any other restaurant. I can see why people rave about it. The patty is really soft and juicy. my vocabulary is short and limited.

Is it better than a home made bacon burger? A.Wong, M.Chung and I came to consensus that it came pretty close…but not quite. If we had came with empty stomachs and had to wait 30 min, this burger would have tasted like a mound of heaven. But then, I think that’d be true for most burgers, so that doesn’t count. Maybe it’s unfair to pit a restaurant burger against a home made recipe…but on the other hand maybe that speaks to how good this place is, if it can cause me to debate that. At $12 a burger and ~$7 for fries it gets in to the hefty $20/person range for a meal.

Still. If I were in the area and had time to drop by for a burger, I probably would again.

First dropper-byer of LA Eats weekend! Big Jon took a break from tracking at Paramount Studio’s nearby to say hi and order some burgers. 8…to be exact. Some hungry mouths to feed back in the studio. One of his clients came out too, challenged Big J at HORSE. funny girl. she’s gonna get creamed.

LA Eats 2011: Father's Office LA Eats 2011: Father's Office LA Eats 2011: Father's Office LA Eats 2011: Father's Office
the office burger & sweet potato fries

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