LA Eats 2011

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It started 8 years ago in 2003. A few of my friends from high school would make quarterly trips up to LA and we’d criss cross our way around the city.  It was further stoked in 2006, when I took a summer internship up in west LA, living in Calabasas for 3 months. Over the years, Los Angeles has become a playground of sorts. Always entertaining and never disappointing. 

Took the opportunity of a free weekend to scratch an old itch. Food & friends are all that’s needed for a good time. see, eat, play, eat, hang, eat, sleep, church, eat, hang out, eat, leave. that’s the schedule this weekend. I emailed a few old college friends to drop by whenever they had the chance.
Big thanks to M.Chung and B.Chen for offering to house us and bring us around!
Got into town late Friday nigh, called up J.Yao of S2 and went to Tea Station to grab a drink and hang out for a bit. I recognized a few of the characters in chinese and on the menu it was translated “Special Lavender Beauty Tea“. I was pretty sure it was just a misinterpretation, being as we’re in San Gabriel (aka new china town), I’d expect there to be some chinglish on the menus. It was a special that night and I was feeling like doing something out of the norm. Ordered it.
Waitress came over a few minutes later and could not contain her giggles. not quite what i was expecting.
LA Eats 2011
What a way to start the weekend. welp, gonna go grab some beauty sleep. tomorrow…let’s do this!


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