Mother’s Day Weekend: the Cottage


A beautiful recommendation from my sister, we decided Mother’s day would start off with a bang. Tucked away in a corner of La Jolla downtown is a nice little restaurant that sells great breakfast. My sister had previously been here with some friends and gave it raving reviews.

They do not take reservations so we made sure to arrive a bit early in anticipation of the mother’s day line. Surprisingly, there really was not too many people waiting and we were seated after ~20 minutes. On a side note, we noticed quite a few mothers being celebrated…brought a smile to my face.

The menu is pretty simple, there aren’t too many dishes to chose from. We settled on a Tuscan omelette and a Baja Chicken Hash. The portions were large enough for two dishes to be split and the Cottage staff was pretty nice about splitting up the plates for us. If the portions seem smaller in the following pics, they’re half sized.

All in all a very nice, quiet, professional place. We never felt rushed or super cramped. There’s good ambient noise but never felt like I had to raise my voice or anything to speak. Coffee was organic and had a more muted taste (said mom and sis) and we really appreciated not feeling like we just ate a tub of lard. Felt healthy.

Baja Chicken Hash
Tuscan Omelette



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