Krist Liquor: Meat Market

Krist Liquor: Meat Market

last week i posted a snapshot about a taiwanese place here in san diego and W.Ying pointed out an undeniable truth. San Diego = mexican food. so in light of that i thought i’d follow it up with SD’s bread and butter. i wasn’t going to post this until after easter but got my housemate’s blessing so here it is.

quick context. my housemate’s been fasting meat for lent and along the way he’s invited friends to see what he’s been cooking (take a look at he’s only got 4 more days! Go J.WU!

now being able to see and taste his vegetarian food first hand is amazing and he’s done an outstanding job holding true to his fast. that boy can cook. initially i wanted to support him so i started eating less meat myself.

but then i snapped back to reality and decided to make up for lost meat. so i waited until he was out of the house on saturday before throwing meat on the grill. great globs of glorious mexican marinated meat on the grill. yeah.

Krist Liquor: Meat Market
pollo asada and adobada. chef at work taught me how to make spanish rice!

Tucked in between a jack in the box and a KFC is a tiny unassuming liquor store on Linda Vista ave. a few blocks away from church. I owe a huge one to H.Lang for bringing me here the first time. only a linda vista local would have this kind of knowledge. i must have driven by this place hundreds of times over the years without realizing it.

Against the far wall inside is a meat market that sells the best pollo asada (marinated chicken) in San Diego. i can confidently make that claim and stand by it. at $2.70/lb it just doesn’t get any better than that. they have a vast assortment of asada, adobada, al pastor and the price is extremely fair. packet of a dozen corn tortillas…0.99c! have tried their carne asada and adobada so far and they’re absolutely great too.

i’m no expert griller and when it comes to bbq, I typically leave it on a little too long. in spite of that, it still comes out the juiciest most flavorful meat ever. the only reason left to go to taco shops are for salsas which i can’t make. krist sells salsas too, but i’ve yet to try. oooo…another reason to go back!

yelp (no reviews yet on their food):
Krist Liquor: Meat Market
seriously…who da thought?

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