Lai Chen

Lai Chen

(top left) beef noodle soup (top right) “ba wan” aka meat round 
(bottom right) pork on rice w/ bamboo shoot

I don’t know much about taiwanese food. except that I like it. Fortunately! There’s a taiwanese restaurant that opened in La Jolla Miramar and it’s been vouched for by a few people. Seems like the guy’s been in business cooking for taiwanese families for a while out of his home kitchen but this is a new restaurant venture. actually a friend of mine had food catered by Mr. Chen for a month after his wife (who is taiwanese) gave birth. 
i liked it! the owner’s son manned the front while his dad was in the back. nice guy. feels good trying a mom and pop type restaurant.
reviews haven’t been as kind so far but I haven’t really heard of a better taiwanese alternative down here in SD, so go check it out!
yelp reviews: link
*quick update: been notified to be cautious with the oyster pancake. for trained stomachs only =P


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