Ladies’ Lighthouse Mission Bowl – Team United

Full HD footage of semi-final vs Kairos and final game vs Southland will be released later this month so stay tuned!

You see…Team United came from humble beginnings and were underdogs at every turn. We as fans were typically outnumbered 3:1 by our opponent’s fan base but our cries rang louder and truer. Years ago, the tournament lasted 3-4 games because they couldn’t advance past the round robin stage. We’d lose our voice (still do) and spend the next day nursing sunburns and dehydration induced headaches (yup, still do).

As the seasons went by, I saw a team mature in every aspect. I stood witness as the team went from underdog to perennial contender. A United player used to play the QB position, went on missions, came back to play Center, and this year anchored the Right Guard O-line. Talk about the evolution of a team.

I’m aspiring to follow that career path, so far my coach hasn’t let me take a snap at center yet.

Much has been said about this team (recap and photos), and much more will continue to be said. They leave the field this year victorious.

Ladies' Lighthouse Mission Bowl - Team United


  1. My two favorite parts in the video:1. Meta crashing through the O-line2. Deb completely demolishing that girl in the head and then quickly reverting to saying sorry really fast haha

  2. yeah Go number 6!!!!Number 6's interception by the assist of emily tam was awesome and when the girl ran into our o-line and fell was awesome anddddd this whole video was awesome haha.

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