Chris Changchien – The Prodigal Song

Chris Changchien hails from the great state of Ohio. He holds the distinction of possibly being the only person in the world who holds a post-doc position without a doctorate degree. He’s a worship leader at CEC and an advisor for Ark & Flood, our middle and high school youth groups.

I came across his facebook page (link) last year and I really connected with one of his songs. Ever since then I’ve been trying to collaborate with him for a video showcasing that song. Being new to the videography game I looked for inspiration on the web and came across several amazing video concepts*.

Last Friday, we were finally able to do it and he cranked out a solid audio track in just two takes! Josh Wu was on set to help us with recording, lighting, and comic relief. 

So without further ado. I present to you an original song, written and performed by Chris Changchien. Enjoy!

*the direction of photography for this shoot is attributed to this video, produced by themightyfifty. I really look up to their work and attempted to emulate that video. This is in no way meant to rip off another artist’s work. It was meant as an exercise to familiarize myself with the apple’s editing workflow and canon t2i’s shooting capabilities. 

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