Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Sometimes ideas strike when least expected. It started out as a bike ride around Mosman and morphed into a little video shoot. No agendas, no scripts, no stabilizing gear, just a camera and a few bikes.

Avocado vegemite toast is an Australian breakfast favorite here. Vegemite is sold by Kraft but it appears to be readily available only in this lower corner of the globe. It looks like chocolate and spreads like nutella but is actually salty yeast extract. The shocking taste is usually enough to turn most visitors off from embracing this local delicacy.

Mosman is a nice suburb of Northern Sydney, Australia where my aunt and her family lives and The Penny Royal Cafe is one of the more popular cafes here in Mosman. From 7am to ~2pm, the place is bustling with people. Most get their coffee and breakfast to go. The artwork on the walls were painted by the same artist who did concept art for the Matrix and Ren and Stimpy. My cousin who works at the cafe part time makes an appearance in the video.