Edit: It is Big News…to some?

Thanks to a high school friend, my faith in my high school alma mater is a bit restored. I was so impressed with an article that was written by my former journalism newspaper I actually wrote a letter to the editors. First time I have ever been prompted to do that!

Edit: It is Big News...to some?
link to article on saratogafalcon.org

Dear Falcon,

As an alumni of SHS quite a few years removed from high school it is with great joy to hear that our football team has finally defeated our cross town rival. 

On Monday morning (10/25), after hearing rumors of a Saratoga victory, I tried googling the results and found very little information regarding the game until I was able to finally confirm it on losgatosfootball.com. However, I wanted to hear Saratoga’s side of the story and not some coaches’ take on handling losses with pride (link).

My search led me to saratogahigh.org which had perhaps the most muted announcement of the game ever (link). I thought perhaps it led to a story after the link (link). I could not believe my eyes. Was 3 measly sentences all Saratoga had to say about such a historic win? In an age where news spreads faster than ever before, it was a bit disappointing that I struggled to find information online regarding the game. 

Fortunately, SaratogaFalcon.org came to the rescue. Your online recap of the game was incredibly timely, having been posted on the Sunday (10/24) after the Friday evening victory. It did not go unnoticed that NLCS Giants vs. Phillies game 6 was on Saturday  (10/23), and it would have totally been understandable had the article taken a back seat to watching that exhilarating game. It meant the sports editor and writer had to sacrifice their weekend to interview, write, copy edit, and get the proper sign offs to have it posted online in less than two days. The dedication and professionalism your staff displayed in delivering the article is deserving of high praise. A special thanks goes to Annaamalai and Venkataramana, whose thorough interviews and well written article captured the essence of the game and the aftermath. 

As a former staff member of a university newspaper, it gives me great pride to know the Saratoga Falcon operates at this high a level of professional journalism. Perhaps an even greater pride than the victory over Los Gatos itself. 

Thanks from a grateful alumni,
L.Hui (Class of 2003)

The end of the article pointed out a pretty neat fact that not necessarily all of Friday night’s madness resided soley in Saratoga-Los Gatos. Shout out from former Toga parent Pete Carroll (current Seattle Seahawks coach) below!

Edit: It is Big News...to some?

In the end I’m still left to wonder. 28 years? 23 years? 27 (Falcon article)? or 29 (Pete Carroll)? In the end I guess it does not matter, it was a long time coming. Maybe the Giants can get some streak ending magic going too.

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