Ramona Falls Hike (aka “Devil’s Punch bowl”)

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Every time I go hiking I start the day with “mmm. I should do this more often.” It never quite ends with the same sentiment, whether at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or here in local San Diego.

A group of us decided to go to on a hike to Ramona Falls, a pretty secluded area in Cleveland National Forest on the back side of Poway, SD. We headed out after church and grabbed a few sandwiches so we got to the trail head around 2pm.

It was supposed to be a simple hike down and back up ~2 miles each way. The hike down was much steeper than expected and the hike back was consequently much more difficult than we anticipated.

At the “Devil’s Punchbowl” we were startled to find hordes of rowdy high schoolers and frat guys sitting around the lake. It was surprising considering we barely saw anybody on the way down. Fortunately, it was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone was looking to have a fun time. By this time in the summer the waterfall had slowed to a trickle and the punchbowl definitely had more stagnant than running water.

No matter though as the water was refreshingly cold and made the hike very worth it. There was a rope swing on the far right hand side. The peak of the swing led to ~15 ft drop once you let go. Incredibly fun. On the far left were a few high ledges that people were jumping and back flipping off of. Unfortunately, the pond was rather shallow at certain points. Just didn’t have the guts to do the bigger jump. Plus we were a bit on a time crunch to get back for Patty’s bday dinner.

All in all a great hike for a day trip. I woke up today not too tired and not very sore, but a word of warning, if you are out of shape plan to head out earlier in the day so you give yourself more time to come up. That hike back is a great workout. For any interested parties, it is definitely recommended to go in late spring, early summer when the waterfall is in full force.


2010-08-08 16.42.17
Left to right: Patty Lee, Adam Wong, Chiyori Angevine, Andrew Kwong


  1. yea, its better in the spring when the flow is higher. also makes it not as dangerous to do the big jumps. the first time I jumped was scarier than bungee jumping. haha

  2. when the water level gets higher how do you get through the creek area without getting your shoes wet? it was pretty dried up so we didn't have any issues.

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